4 Signs You Should See a Vein Specialist

patient holding leg with varicose veins

Your circulatory system is vital to your health, so vein issues aren’t something to take lightly. If you’re experiencing issues with your veins, especially in your legs,  consider visiting a San Antonio vein specialist. Here are some signs that it’s time to see your medical team.

Wounds That Won't Heal

One of the first signs of diabetes is wounds that will not heal. However, it can also signal problems in your circulatory system. Typically, slow-healing wounds in non-diabetics are caused by insufficient blood flow. Early intervention can help prevent your legs from developing an infection or ulcers.

Leg Pain is Impacting Your Life

No one should have to live with pain. If you’re experiencing pain to the point where it is impacting your ability to enjoy your life, it’s beyond time to seek medical intervention. Typically, the longer pain is left untreated, the more painful it will become. Your vein specialist can help you find the cause and develop pain solutions.

You've Noticed Discoloration

Discoloration tends to be caused by poor circulation, causing increased pressure on the blood vessels. Other signs include dry, scaly skin and a change in skin texture. It is vital to examine discoloration because it can cause vascular issues.

Swollen Legs and Ankles

Both varicose veins and venous insufficiency can cause swollen legs. While it’s normal for your body to feel tired after a long day, that shouldn’t be accompanied by additional symptoms. Seeing a vein specialist can find pain relief and discover the underlying cause. 

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