What to Expect During Your Next Dermatology Appointment

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You might need to see a dermatologist; however, regular appointments are an important step in taking care of your skin. It may be intimidating to visit a new type of doctor but being prepared can calm those nerves. Here’s what to expect when you make your first appointment with a dermatologist in San Antonio.

Your Dermatologist May Ask About Medical History

The first thing your dermatologist will do is go over your medical history. You can prepare for your appointment by listing your current medications, skincare products, and family medical history. You’ll also want to come in ready to talk about what issues you’re experiencing and what remedies you’ve already tried.

Full-Body Check

Even if you’re there for a single issue, a dermatologist will have you put on a paper gown and give you a full-body check. Due to this, it’s important to have a team that makes you feel comfortable. Especially with the Texas sun, a full-body scan is required to find and treat any suspicious areas you might not have noticed. It is the first step in preventing potential skin cancer from becoming more dangerous.

Treatment Recommendations

Once your doctor has examined your skin issues, he or she will give you treatment recommendations. This can range from prescription medications to new products to biopsies. Make sure to ask your doctor any questions you might have to ensure proper treatment.

Follow-Up Appointments

No matter your issue, your dermatologist will likely want to see you for a follow-up appointment. Additional appointments will help you and your doctor keep track of how your treatment is going.

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